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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  November 10, 2015 4:00am-4:31am PST

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overnight. plus, a gunman and hostage are dead after a three-hour standoff in the south bay. what police are saying about the investigation. "mornings on 2" did starts good morning. thank you for joining us tuesday morning november 10. on pam cook. >> we do begin with breaking news in san leandro where a car crashed into a house last night. a woman sleeping inside was pinned underneath the car and firefighters had to pull her out. this happened at around 9:30 p.m. on perdue and farnsworth west of interstate 880. a witness estimates the driver was going at least 100 miles an hour when he hit another car then went into a garage that was converted into a spare room. >> he went straight through the stop sign. after he clipped this car, i guess he realized he was on the wrong side of the street. we heard the brakes, and he went straight to the house. >> the 25-year-old woman inside
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the house and the driver were both taken to a hospital. there is no word on their conditions. investigators don't know if alcohol was a factor in the crash. we will have a live report in the next half hour. we expect to hear from san jose police later today about a standoff that ended in the deaths of both the suspect and hostage. police received a 911 calls about 2:00 p.m. yesterday about a man forcing a woman into a house on camden avenue at gunpoint. >> suspect down. female down. >> the suspect who had a gun walked out of the house at about 5:00 last night. the police s.w.a.t. teams want in on him, targeting him with flashbacks done equipment. there was gunfire later. the suspect was declared dead and the body was found as well. >> there was s.w.a.t. team guys out in my front yard. they said stay in the house. when the guys are running around with their bulletproof stuff and m-16s, you pretty
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much figure you are not supposed to be walking around outside with them. >> at this point we don't know the relationship between the suspect and hostage or how either of them died, but investigators say the two of them did know each other. one police officer was slightly injured during the brief gun battle but is described as a minor injury. two young sisters have been reported as in danger and missing. the chp sent out an alert early this morning saying 7-year-old kaylee morris and 10-year-old alyssa lucchese were reported missing saturday afternoon. they are believed to be with their mother, 32-year-old crystal jessee. relatives in rockland were given emergency guardianship of the children but their mother has not turned them over. police in rockland say they have not been able to find her and the girls did not show up to school yesterday. they are believed to be traveling in a gold four-door 2005 nissan altima with license
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plate of 5ywe661. elderly couple he from -- an elderly couple from rohnert park is missing. take a look at their photo, 85- year-old samuel cho and his wife maria were last seen saturday morning. he was driving her to the hospital but they have not been heard from since. their son worries they may be disoriented because of medical conditions. their car is described as a faded green 2001 toyota camry. license plate on the screen, 4nhv446. the day after the storm, pretty cold outside. steve, it's going to remain that way? >> cold for us. pretty good rain towards santa cruz mountains. san jose beat san francisco and oakland. back-to-back times that's happened. >> a lot of flooding. >> santa cruz down toward
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gilroy as well. still a few showers holding on here, but favoring monterey peninsula, san jose, santa clara valley, this is like the last proof of a roman candle. not a lot left. cold air in place, patchy fog, snow continues on the go up in the sierra. another beautiful pattern for them. 36 santa rosa, 39 napa, the dew points are high enough where we won't have critical minimums, mendocino county, lake county, the system exiting out as it does. so some clouds, sun, cool and breezy. a few morning showers to the south. 60s, upper 50s for temps. going to be another cool day but at least it comes down. nothing for the morning commute as we saw yesterday. steve, can i ask you a question? clouds and sun. >> more sun in the afternoon. >> got you. sounds like a good day. i told you this many times. when it's raining, then you have
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some time to dry off before the next time it comes in. >> that would be sunday and monday. >> thank you. >> plans got watered yesterday. >> thank you. >> traffic is off to a good start. good morning to you. this is a look at the freeway nowapproaching the toll plaza westbound. as you come up to the pay gates, no major problems getting into san francisco. also looking at the east bay freeway. nice and quiet here, did not see roadwork come upon 880 or 580. these commutes are doing very well. as you head west or east or north or south on those freeways. if you're driving in san jose, this -- i'm sorry, i should have moved the map. east shore freeway traffic is moving along nicely. this is the same as a map. you can see everything looks good. 85, 280, 101 off to a good start. let's go back to the desk. asked wednesday, people in marin county will be able to weigh in on the best way to
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reduce traffic jams on one of the bay area's busiest roads. a public forum scheduled november 18 at the college of marin to talk about sir francis drake boulevard. supervisors and council members tell the independent journal that the public will hear about plans to improve intersections, and just the timing on traffic lights and also make crosswalks safer. it will take three years to complete the $13 million project. we are now just hours away from the next presidential debate in wisconsin. it comes as donald trump is still leading the pack most recent polls, but just barely. doug luzader is live in milwaukee with a look at tonight's matchup. good morning, doug. >> reporter: this is the place, the milwaukee theatre. we've seen how these debates can move the needle in what is still after all a pretty crowded republican field. it is down to the final touches now for tonight's debate on the fox business network.
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the jumble of candidates candidates names has been sorted out out and it won't be just them facing the glare of the spotlights here. especially for this debate, the moderators are prepared to take some heat themselves. >> i think the closer we get to the iowa caucuses, sometimes some candidates -- i posit that you could have -- mother teresa , if she were alive, would be ripped. >> reporter: there are still lingering concerns about the overall health of the economy. and beyond questions of whether donald trump will be in the attack tonight or whether ben carson can withstand scrutiny over his personal biography, there is also the debate itself. extra attention because of the last gop debate on cnbc last month which was also supposed to focus on the economy but quickly devolved into what candidate described as a cage match. >> how about talking about the substantive issues people care about? >> reporter: as far as the lineup, you can see they are
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going through rehearsals here, eight podiums on the main stage down from 10-11 in earlier debates which means that two candidates, mike huckabee and chris christie, have been demoted to the undercard. it is severely disappointing for them and especially for christie who seemed to be building some momentum particularly in new hampshire. >> said 46 days in hampshire which is more than any other candidate by far. >> reporter: new hampshire plays a critical role in the nominating process. no question. tonight, all eyes are going to be here on wisconsin and one change you may notice, the candidates will have more time to answer questions during this debate, being allotted 90 seconds as opposed to the traditional 60 seconds. and? >> seems like the field could be weeded out a bit after this one. thank you, doug. tonight's debate is exclusively on the fox business network. the main debate starts at 6:00 p.m. our time. foxbusiness will be streaming that debate for free if you don't have a cable's
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prescription. ross palombo will be there in milwaukee reporting live throughout the night. a federal appeals court ruled against president obama's executive order that protected an estimated 5 million undocumented immigrants from deportation. the u.s. court of appeals in new orleans upheld a challenge to the president's deferreds deportation program brought by texas and 25 other states with republican governors. the obama administration had argued that the president was within his rights in deciding to defer deportation of selected group of immigrants including children who were brought to the u.s. illegally. the court said the president does not have the authority to make new immigration laws. the president overstepped the constitutional boundaries and that's what we've been saying, my colleagues up in congress, for months now. the justice department recently released a statement saying it disagrees with the appeals court ruling and is reviewing the opinion to determine how to proceed. san jose taxi drivers are
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planning a strike today as the city council decides whether or not to ease regulations on ridesharing companies. taxi drivers protested at the san jose airport yesterday. they are upset because the city council is considering eliminating mandatory fingerprint checks for lyft and uber drivers who want to pick up and drop off people at the airport. taxi drivers argue that ridesharing companies should have to follow the same rules and background checks that they do. >> have to go through inspections, have to go through background checks because safety is number 1. we need fairness. >> instead of fingerprinting, the city would require random curbside checks. san jose hopes by backing of the fingerprinting requirement it will attract ridesharing companies to benetech international airport. it's the only airport in the bay area where passengers don't have the option of using lyft
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and uber. also today, fast food workers across the country are planning to walk off the job as part of their biggest strike yet. they are asking for a $15 minimum wage and paid sick leave. workers from 300 cities are set to take part including san francisco, oakland and san jose. organizers say the day of action was scheduled one year away from the 2016 presidential election in hopes of getting attention from the candidates. time is 4:11. it was a violent attack in a convenience store caught on camera. in just 20 minutes, what police say started by was that left man one -- one man in the hospital with several injuries. first, lightning across the bay area. one of the most amazing pictures if you didn't see it. the close call for one woman and a look at the devastation.
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welcome back. the time is 4:14. the bay area's most famous landmark withstood mother nature as the golden gate bridge took a lightning strike during yesterday's storm. this photograph shows a lightning bolt striking the top of the south tower. the bridge remained open throughout. the national weather service reports more than 500 lightning strikes hit the bay area yesterday. a woman in san mateo says one of those strikes nearly killed her. a lightning bolt hit a 100-year- old tree believed to be a redwood in her backyard yesterday morning.
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chunks of the tree flew onto the roof, her yard and through her bedroom window lending right on her bed. she credits her dog coco for waking her up because he had to go outside before the lightning strike, saving her life. >> shocked to me, very sad. at the same time, i also feel very lucky that i'm alive. >> it's estimated the tree once stood more than 100 feet tall, part of the tree went into a house next door crashing through the kitchen window, breaking lights and narrowly missing a woman inside. winter storm warning remains in effect in many parts of the sierra. take a look at the snow that came down during yesterday's storm. right now chains are required on interstate 80 from kingsville road in plastic county to the donner lake interchange. and on highway 50, chains are required from twin bridges to myers in el dorado county. this latest storm is allowing more ski resorts to open up. alpine meadows announced it is going to celebrate one of its earliest openings in history. this thursday.
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about a month ahead of schedule. squaw valley will open on saturday. about 2 feet of new snow has fallen on many resorts over the last week. it's being called the best start to the ski season in 11 years. classes will go on as scheduled at a college in south carolina where a man was shot to death last night. police at spartanburg methodist college where investigating reports of a car break-in. them and hit a campus police officer with a car as he was trying to escape. the officer fired, the man was shot and killed. another person was arrested at the scene. the school was under temporary lockdown and students were told to contact their parents but the school is open again now. football players at the university of missouri will return to practice now that the school president and university chancellor announced their resignation. students complained about racial harassment and intimidation on campus. starting in september they demanded president tim wolfe step down. the students released a video
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saying they will continue to fight for equality on campus. >> concerned a student 1950 demands and immediate meeting with the board of directors and the governor of the state of missouri to discuss shared governance and create a system of holistic inclusion. >> the -- the school has ordered diversity training for all faculty and students. the president's resignation is effective immediately. the chancellor will step down at the end of the year. the time is 4:17. messaging back with sal this morning. >> what are you saying? >> you didn't get that much sleep? >> no. last night was one of those nights of the baby calling. >> bonding time with baby? in the middle of the night? >> he just wants to say hi. >> i get up, i'm on twitter, i'm doing stuff. >> that explains it. >> preparing for the job. with one hand. the other hand with the baby. >> there you go. >> it all worked out.
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good morning, everybody. let's see what we have now. if you are going to hit the road, this is a look at highway 24 westbound as you drive up to the tunnel. looks good between walnut creek and oakland. going to the san mateo bridge, also looks good to the high- rise. no major problems driving over to highway 101. speaking of 101, golden gate bridge traffic looking good, southbound 101 down to the toll plaza. this morning we're looking at the bay bridge toll plaza where traffic is light. let's go to steve in the weather center. thankfully the afternoon and evening commute wasn't anything like the morning. it was much better. good break there. the focus of the rain, everyone had a third of an inch to about a half inch accept down towards santa cruz, santa clara valley, santa cruz mountain. look at santa cruz. gilroy, inch and a third. over an inch in many up in the
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santa cruz mountains as well. i'm sure there was some around socal. digging deep to find these. fremont a third, san jose 43, -- .43. second system in a row. everything is flip-flop. we'll take it. san rafael, .40. napa and santa rosa -- napa and santa rosa around .50. there's still a little bit left. , down out of the northwest, favoring san jose, santa cruz, santa cruz mountains and monterey peninsula. this is just a morning event. drier air beginning to spill in. 30s for napa, santa rosa and some patchy fog, ground fog probably in the mix although there's enough of a breeze where i don't think that's going to be too much of a factor. the system is still producing snow in the sierra and temperatures will start to rebound ever so slowly. so partly sunny, mostly sunny later on, few morning showers
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here. 60s on most of these temps. i mean, when san francisco, oakland, concord, fairfield are all the same, there's not going to be much of a difference. cold mornings, probably some of that in the fog but we'll deal with that on a day-to-day basis. looks good until saturday. next system on tap for sunday, monday, after that could be very active thanksgiving. >> wow. okay. >> i've got to sweep the leaves. >> it could be on -- unbelievable up in the sierra. there's some big systems on the way. >> we're talking about el nino. when does it start? >> usually, it starts once you get to the winter months. still looks like it has been out, but doesn't start until january. >> january? okay. >> almost parallel to 1997-98. a ton of rain, that was nothing to do with el nino. then it kicked in in january. >> i remember. >> my contractor friends are
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all super busy. roofers busy. everybody is preparing. >> and fence contractors. >> i believe it. >> get everything ready. batten down the hatches. >> thank you. the warriors are even a bigger draw the season, defending their title as expected. >> because they are amazing. >> the warning from team officials as more and more fans are getting turned away from oracle arena because of the fake tickets.
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welcome back, everybody. the warriors are the first nba team in three years to start the season 8-0. they beat the pistons last night 109-95 for their 23rd consecutive regular- season home waiting. andrew bogut, welcome back. he was back on the court after being cleared to play following a concussion in the home opener. the warriors got major contributions from the bench led by leandro barbosa, klay thompson also led all scorers with 24. steph curry had 22 points. the warriors head out on a two- game road trip against the memphis grizzlies and minnesota. in the meantime, the warriors have issued another fraud alert warning fence about buying tickets from non-verified third parties. officials issued the first alert back in september when tickets went on sale. warriors officials say they've seen a 45% increase in the
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number of things denied access to oracle the season compared to last season because of fake tickets. the warriors are encouraging fans to buy tickets through the team website. 49ers as a quarterback blaine gabbert will start the next game. they have a bye this week and will play seattle on november 22. but on sunday, gabbert made his first start since october of 2013. he completed 15 of 25 passes with two touchdowns to help lead the 49ers to a 17-16 win over the falcons. target will be open on thanksgiving again for people who want to get an early start on shopping. stores are weighing in on whether or not they will be open. the retailer announced it will open its doors at 6:00 thanksgiving evening the same as last year. it will stay open all night and through the next day, black friday, also says it will have the same deals in its stores as it does online, all-day thanksgiving.
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so you can shop online. people who had to the stores on black friday will get a coupon for a 20% discount they can use during early december. toys "r" us, macy's and sears have also said he will be open on thanksgiving. starting tomorrow. starting tomorrow, lyft riders can move into justin bieber mode. >> play it. >> [singing] i go. i go. >> my daughter would die to be singing along with justin bieber in the car. teaming up with lyft, while he promotes his new album. he's going to surprise riders by showing up in their car. not everyone will get to ride with bieber, there's a fan -- if there's a way fans can get his new album called purpose. riders can slide into be promoted onto lyft app purchase for $5. they will also get a discount on their next lyft --
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>> i feel a lot of dancing. a little too much for me. not much driving, however. >> yeah. that's distracted driving. >> we have to make that happen for your daughter. we'll see. >> someone's watching. yeah. >> i'm pam cook. >> [laughter] coming up, there's a new hope in the fight against cancer. a look at what researchers have discovered in the bay area and why doctors say it will make cancer treatments safer with fewer side effects. police in san leandro are investigating an awful crash last night. a car slammed into a house. we'll tell you what one witness saw before this happened.
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welcome back to "mornings on 2." it is tuesday, november 10. i'm brian flores. >> i'm pam cook. we want to start with breaking news we first reported at the top of the hour. a car crashed right into a home in san leandro leaving beside -- leaving behind a huge hole. alex savidge joins us now from the house where a woman inside was hurt. alex, what else can you tell us? >> reporter: good morning to you. this car apparently was speeding at least 100 miles an hour according to one witness. coming down fines worth last night when the driver lost control, jumped the curb and then slammed right into this house you see here on the corner surrounded with crime scene tape still this morning. that carl landry right on top of a 25-year-old woman who was


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